[DISCUSSION] RFC: AI Dashboard for Governance Proposals

The problem of governance

We are a team of Web3 builders, working on ways to help DAOs make better decisions, faster.

One pattern we have found in different DAOs is that they are impacted by excessive governance burden, which comes from the need to:

  • Moderate online forums (like discourse)
  • Consume proposals easily (getting to the point)
  • Differentiating proposals (the good from the bad)

A Visual solution for governance burden

We are exploring ways of representing proposal information visually, so it can be consumed quickly & easily. We use a combination of AI customized specifically for DAOs, and other software libraries.

Visual Summaries

For example, the general sentiment of comments on a proposal can be presented visually, so that a quick glance (rather than a 10 minute read) will give the reader an idea of the receptivity of the proposal.



In this example, users strongly favor the proposal.

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Mind Maps

Another way that proposals can be distilled is through mind-maps, to help users quickly gauge the benefit of a proposal. The mind map below has been generated from: [DISCUSSION] Mantle zkEVM Research & Industry Collaboration

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Tables can also create a way for quick proposal consumption. The table below has been generated from: [DISCUSSION] Mantle zkEVM Research & Industry Collaboration

Our offer

We are looking for DAOs to participate in our alpha version of our dashboard. By offering our service free to the first DAOs that sign up, we hope to:

  1. Use live proposal data to generate dashboards for the participating DAO
  2. Get feedback and iterate to give the DAO better proposal management tools

To Participate

To accomplish this, we need participating DAOs to provide a read-only API key of their discourse platform. This will allow us to pull proposal data and package it in a way that is easy to consume for DAO users.

In summary, we are offering:

  1. A way to reduce the governance burden through AI digests of proposals
  2. To participate, Mantle needs to provide a read-only key of the discourse platform
  3. Being read-only, this is risk-free and allows us to provide a dashboard for easy AI digests
  4. Feedback from the community will allow us to improve the AI digests
  5. This service is offered free to Mantle DAO, as it helps us improve our product.

Mind maps and tables can help users realize a proposal more easily, however, I think visual summaries may mislead readers.

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