[PASSED] MIP-22: Mantle Token Design, Conversion Parameters, and Asset Handling

Mantle’s tokenomics are required before deciding to agree or disagree with this proposal

Is there a reason why it is not a 1:1 exchange method?

I hope the conversion rate of 3.14 is not a problem

yes for this part:
The Mantle token, $MNT, shall incorporate functions analogous to the “Upgradability” and “Mint” functions of the $ARB and $OP tokens.

We must be careful to not drastically expand the total supply.

I am for a 1:1 conversion ratio.

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3.14 which means we are going to see increase in total supply?

Token functionality would be a good point to elaborate on.

1:1 token conversion

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How will the delegates transform?


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什么灵感? bitdao 推出2 年了 因为100亿的总量 导致无法增长, 现在我们的总量还需要增加3被 就是 1:3.14, 100亿都没办法控制好币价了 流动性很差 现在300亿 那不是更容易砸盘? 一个好的项目 不是说得有多好,价格呈现一切, 就像btc 如果你说有价值, 但是价钱一直不涨, 谁会认为这个是一个有价值的物品??

can you just reply our concern? discussion without a respond between each other is not a discussion.

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agree with you.need some explaintion.

Makes a lot of sense, hopefully the BitDAO team will seriously consider.

Very good point on passive holders. Might churn many long term supporters.

That’s confuse using 3.14 instead of 1:1

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Is that you want push down per new token price to attract new comers as more zeroes? 1:3.14
More tokens should probably lead to lower price per token as compare with per Bitdao now

I fully support the idea. But the number 3.14 introduces a misunderstanding in the situation, please clarify why exactly?)

The Mantle team invites all to join a Twitter Space tomorrow at 2PM UTC to discuss the Mantle token design and token conversion parameters.

Set a reminder to join, and ask any questions you have about the proposal in the comment thread under the scheduled Twitter Space

The conversation ratio should be 1:1 irrespective of total supply of 10bn $BIT,the total supply of $MNT should be made known

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