[PASSED] MIP-24: Mantle EcoFund

I wish the focus was more on quality…

This is awesome. Looking forward to seeing more apps on Mantle! But a bit worried about the complexity of the application process.


any news about this discussion? we need to speed up the current process and launch it as soon as possible

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Do some rebalancing if nessesary,but make it fine at the end

Option 4 will be best if you ask me

I can certainly see 300+ projects in 3 years. 100 is a very small amount in my opinion. But it’s better for the chain to be known for 12 super high quality and useful projects than to have thousands of low quality and questionable projects. Focus on quality now and move on to pushing big numbers later.

perfect supported!
Accelerate dapps

Voting on this proposal has closed. MIP-24 has passed with 155,204,327 BIT voting YES and 2003 BIT voting NO:


With the passing of MIP-24, the following actions will be taken:

  1. Authorize the establishment of the Mantle EcoFund with $100M from Mantle Treasury.
  2. Authorize the establishment of the Mantle EcoFund Investment Committee.
  3. Authorize the first capital call: 10 million USDC from Mantle Treasury.

This thread will be archived. As always, we’d like to thank the community for participating in Mantle governance!


Glad to see it passed. Amazing builders coming to Mantle. Congratulations.

This will be a very big move for the eco system and their partnership with bybit.

I’m really excited about this.

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