[PASSED] MIP-26: [EC Proposal] Treasury Assets in Support of Applications

How will this apply to other LST projects and ETH staking strategies proposed to Mantle?

As based on MIP-25, I think this proposal is a bit conflicting with the overall objective:

Deploying a portion of Mantle assets to support applications and lead to higher levels of success for the overall Mantle Ecosystem with a focus on risk management, as well as supporting liquidity for the proper functioning of applications while maintaining principal protection.

MIP-25 not only authorized the establishment of Mantle Economics Committee as a sub-governance body of Mantle Governance, it also allowed Mantle LSD and Lido ETH staking strategies, with a combined allowance of up to 200k ETH, and Lido ETH staking strategies up to an individual allowance of 40k ETH.

Lido itself is an external individual application and therefore in this proposal’s current form, it can be seen as the MIP-25 ETH allocation directly conflicts with the newly proposed maximum application allowances.

If the true intention of deploying Mantle assets is to support decentralization and achieve greater levels of success for the overall Mantle Ecosystem, and this proposal is in fact applicable to other LST projects, community members should not endorse or support this proposed maximum allowance of funding for all future individual applications and consider the potential implications of preferential treasury allocation for the greater benefit of decentralized applications and the Mantle Ecosystem.

It is also worth considering risk management implications if this proposal does apply to other LST projects as it means reduced diversification in staking strategies for Mantle.