[SUGGESTION] Preserve Services and Avoid Delisting for Smooth Transition for BIT to MNT Token Swap

Dear community,

I am writing to address the upcoming brand transition and token swap from BIT to MNT on the BYBIT exchange (and on others). Delisting the BIT token could disrupt various services, including spot trading, derivatives, staking, and the NFT marketplace, as well as force the closure of existing futures positions, leading to significant financial losses for users.

To ensure a smooth transition and minimize the impact on the market, I propose an alternative solution. Instead of delisting the BIT token, I suggest a simple rebranding of the token and its logo on July 17th, accompanied by an automatic conversion to the MNT network. This approach would maintain the existing services and user experience without interruption.

The community voted for a 1:1 token conversion to avoid complications. By adopting this proposal, BYBIT can demonstrate its commitment to user satisfaction and maintain a strong relationship with its customer base.

I kindly request your consideration of this alternative and urge you to explore options other than delisting the BIT token. Your cooperation in finding a mutually beneficial solution would greatly contribute to BYBIT’s success and the satisfaction of its loyal user community.

Thank you for your attention, and I look forward to your positive response.


As this discussion is related to the Bybit platform, I have moved this to the Feedback and Suggestions category.

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