Welcome to Mantle Forum! 👋

Policy for discussions

  1. This forum is for constructive, civil, and long-term conversation. Low quality posts and comments will be heavily moderated. Only comment if you’re adding a thoughtful, new idea. Use emojis to indicate agreement with posts.
  2. Not relevant topics for the forum include: BIT price discussions; non-BitDAO discussions. For general BitDAO discussions please refer to BitDAO Discord and BitDAO Telegram .
  3. The purpose of soft proposals is to receive feedback and provide opportunities to modify the proposal. This forum has not been token gated to enable broader discussion and feedback on proposals. Proposals will have supporters and critics, however the governance vote (Snapshot) will be the ultimate arbiter of decision making. As such proposals with enough token holder interest will be pushed to vote, even if soft proposals comments are not majorly positive.

Policy for pinning and pushed to social media

  1. The main criteria is whether the proposal will achieve the Vote Threshold (quorum) if pushed to Snapshot vote. As such, posts by or supported by core development teams, existing ecosystem partners, and large token holders will be prioritised for pinning and sharing on official BitDAO social media - as these are most likely to achieve quorum.

Policy for archiving

  1. When a post is archived a moderator will leave a comment in the thread and tag the original poster with a reference to one of the relevant reasons for archiving listed below. A post will be archived when It is more than 2 weeks old, and:
  • Has less than 5 responses from community members
  • The post has not received support from delegates, large token holders, or core development teams

Other notes

  1. This will be an evolving policy. We want to encourage open, civil, and on-topic discussions.
  2. Moderators will remove or archive posts that are not relevant topics, or low effort proposals.
  3. Moderators will move posts to the correct category.
  4. Moderators will look to combine duplicate topics.