[ARCHIVED] Autsec: AI-Powered Smart Contract Shield for Web3 Security


Executive Summary

Autsec stands at the forefront of a paradigm shift in Web3 security, led by Jose Bedran. Our mission is to usher in an era where smart contract vulnerabilities are a relic of the past, guaranteeing unparalleled digital asset protection and fostering unwavering trust in the blockchain space.

Purpose of Fundraising

We are seeking $200 million from the Mantle Network Fund and partners to accomplish a pivotal objective: the development and deployment of a proprietary Artificial Intelligence model dedicated to the fortification of smart contract security. This funding will be the cornerstone in realizing a future where Web3 operates with impeccable security measures.

Problem Addressed

In the current landscape of Web3, vulnerabilities are not just prevalent, they are costly. March 2023 alone witnessed a loss of $250 million due to security oversights. Autsec’s mandate is to mitigate these risks and the subsequent financial hemorrhage.

Innovative Solution

Our solution leverages Artificial Intelligence to explain smart contract intricacies, automatically generate comprehensive test cases, and diligently uncover potential security flaws. This approach is not merely a band-aid but a profound overhaul of the security protocols safeguarding the Web3 framework.

Competitive Edge

Autsec transcends conventional security measures by providing real-time, ongoing vulnerability detection for smart contracts both pre-deployment and post-deployment, ensuring a fortified environment for digital assets on the Mantle Network and beyond.

Revenue Model

We will introduce a subscription-based model for Web3 companies seeking to utilize our AI. This will not only generate a steady revenue stream for Autsec but also encourage the development of more Dapps on the Mantle Network by offering complimentary access to our security services, thereby contributing to the network’s growth and security stature.

Vision for the Future

We envision an AI with unparalleled accuracy in identifying and nullifying smart contract vulnerabilities, fostering a Web3 ecosystem synonymous with robust security and trust. This vision is within reach through our concerted efforts in AI development, fueled by the investment we seek.


Jose Bedran, a seasoned blockchain enthusiast and expert smart contract auditor, leads Autsec. His passion and expertise are the driving forces behind our quest to redefine Web3 security standards.

Established Market Presence

Autsec, with its award-winning static analysis tool recognized on Product Hunt, is no stranger to creating valuable Web3 security tools. These accomplishments serve as a solid foundation for our ambitious AI-driven security solution. Explore our tools:

Visit our website: Autsec Official Website

Product Hunt page: Autsec Official Product Hunt Page

Value Proposition to Mantle Network

By endorsing Autsec with a favorable vote and the sought-after funding, Mantle Network will not just be investing in a service, but in a partnership that promises multiple strategic advantages:

  1. Priority Security Upgrades: Mantle Network and its Dapps will have first access to Autsec’s most advanced security solutions, ensuring that Mantle’s infrastructure and associated Dapps benefit from the highest level of protection available.

  2. Token Stability and Growth: Enhanced security measures will naturally attract quality Dapp developers, leading to increased demand and usage of Mantle Network’s native tokens, supporting both stability and value growth.

  3. Autsec Token Airdrop Initiative: Distributing Autsec tokens to all Mantle Network users, fostering community engagement and bolstering platform security.

Closing Endorsement Terms

By Voting “Yes”, you endorse the following terms:

  • The allocation of $200 million from the Mantle Network Fund to Autsec for the development of a specialized AI security model.
  • The establishment of a strategic partnership with Autsec, recognizing the AI’s role in enhancing the security protocol for the Mantle Network and its Dapps, promoting growth, and securing the network’s assets.

Your affirmative vote is a leap forward into a future where the Web3 ecosystem thrives on safety and assurance. Autsec’s AI-driven security is not just a feature—it is the foundation of a new era in blockchain technology.

For a better understanding of our mission, innovative approach, and the transformative impact of our Artificial Intelligence on the Web3 space, please refer to Autsec’s latest pitch deck available at:

Autsec’s Latest Pitch Deck

Your support not only propels Autsec forward but also strengthens the entire Web3 community against the ever-evolving landscape of digital threats.



i stopped at “We are seeking $200 million from the Mantle Network Fund and partners to accomplish a pivotal”…


$200mln it is lots of money for AI project. Incredibly huge amount of money. What exactly cost so much?
:thinking: :thinking: :thinking:


Hello mmarecka80 and everyone,

We understand that $200 million is a significant investment, and we want to provide a clearer picture of where the funds will be allocated.

A substantial portion of the investment will be dedicated to research and development (R&D) of the AI model. This includes the costs of hiring top-tier AI researchers, the best smart contract auditors in the market and developers, purchasing and maintaining state-of-the-art computational resources, and acquiring necessary data sets for training the AI.

Developing an AI for web3 security of this caliber requires robust infrastructure. This includes server costs, data storage, and the creation of a secure environment for development and testing.

As the AI evolves, there will be costs associated with improving its capabilities, scaling the service to meet user demand, and constantly updating the system to counter new security threats.

Part of the fund will be used to educate and engage the community about smart contract security, ensuring a proactive approach to Web3 safety.

To ensure widespread adoption, funds are allocated for marketing, strategic partnerships, and business development efforts.

Additionally, a focus on the return on investment (ROI) is key. The aim is to create a secure blockchain ecosystem, which, in turn, is expected to reduce the incidence and impact of security breaches significantly, saving potentially billions in related costs. Moreover, a fortified security posture is likely to attract more users and developers to the platform, leading to increased transaction volumes and network fees, thereby enhancing the overall value of the Mantle Network and of the web3 market.

Finally, a contingency reserve is necessary for unforeseen expenses and challenges that may arise during the development and implementation of such a complex AI system.

We believe that the long-term benefits of creating a secure, trustworthy blockchain environment far outweigh the initial investment. By investing in this project, we can potentially save billions in vulnerability exploits and foster trust and growth in the ecosystem.

I hope this gives you a better picture of how the investment will be used. If you have any questions, please let me know.


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