[ARCHIVED] Mantle Grants Information

Where can i find more information about Mantle Grant Program?

  1. List of grantees
  2. Total Value Allocation
  3. Total expenditure
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Hi @praneet you can find more information about grants here: Mantle | Mass Adoption of Decentralized and Token-Governed Technologies

thank you, could you provide me a list of successful grant applications so far?

We’re in the process of preparing grant information for public consumption. Please stay tuned for updates in the near future.

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I can help in providing the best information publication practices for public consumption. Can share link to my work in case you are interested.

Hello, thanks for joining the Mantle community here in the forum. I recommend asking follow up questions to this thread in one of our official chat platforms: Discord or Telegram. To keep this category open for suggestions and feedback, this thread will be archived in the next 48 hours.