[SUGGESTION] NFT Marketplace on Mantle

Has anyone seen any NFT marketplace looking to grow on mantle?

Pls share their links so we can all interact


Hey @ObsidionKing,

Thanks for joining the community and inquiring about the ecosystem. I’ve temporarily moved this discussion to “Feedback and Suggestions”. The forum is primarily for governance discussions. Topics like the one you’ve suggested are more suited for the community channels. This topic will be removed in the next 48hrs. Please join the community channels! Feel free to tag me directly (@lbrian) :slight_smile:

A quick note on your topic:
The Mantle Ecosystem expanding everyday, new projects and marketplaces are onboarding as we speak. We’re working with a number of marketplaces to onboard for mainnet.

I encourage you to check out our ecosystem page. You’ll find active apps on testnet and soon mainnet. Check back often because the ecosystem is growing! Mantle | Mass Adoption of Decentralized and Token-Governed Technologies


Alright no problem, I understand.
But can I get a link to any of the community forums I don’t know of any :+1:t5:


I shared them in my message above. Discord and Telegram are the primary channels :slight_smile:


I haven’t seen anything like that yet. I hope someone builds it!

There is not built specifically for mantle for now but their are some now that will integrate the mantle blockchains like souffl3: Souffl3

You can check more out on mantle ecosystem here :point_right:t5: Mantle | Mass Adoption of Decentralized and Token-Governed Technologies

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Be patient. You will see them in due time

I think we have to wait for NFT marketplace. Maybe something with Omnisea in name?

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