[ARCHIVED] Gweicz x Mantle


I’ve been interested in BitDAO / Mantle for a long time, I recently met the folks from Mantle at the ETHPrague hackathon, it made me look at the project again and I came to the conclusion that 90% of it matches my views and values.


In the Czech Republic we have one main decentralised organisation working on ETH adoption, organising conferences and generally getting involved in public affairs around Ethereum, Gweicz.

I would like to achieve some kind of connection and cooperation.

About Gweicz:

Gweicz is a decentralized community of programmers, influencers, speakers and crypto enthusiasts, we help both newbies and intermediates, practically everyone in the Czech Republic who means something to Ethereum is somehow involved in Gweicz.

In the last 3 years of work we have managed to organize several conferences and hackathons
ETHBrno 2021
ETHBrno 2022
Urbit Prague
Starknet Prague

Gweicz treasury is connected to BohemiaDAO, which is a DAO based to support Ethereum in the Czech Republic ( BohemiaDAO will be reconstructed soon )

So what am I actually looking for here:

I would like to find a way to work together, from our side we can offer you to run nodes for our community ( Rollup Verifier, maybe DA )

Besides that, we also support at conferences, we can print stickers and contact friendly YT channels like KryptoVlaďa ( whether there will be cooperation or not I want to talk about Mantle on his stream )

Further publication on the website ( also under reconstruction ), support in the printing of merch for conferences in the Czech Republic, etc.

We are open to discussion, just tell us what you would like/need and we can talk about it :slight_smile:

What we would expect in return:

Gweicz is a non-profit community, but as such we face funding problems, our current treasury ( BohemianDAO + Gweicz multisign ) holds about 12 ETH, this is unfortunately unsustainable for us, the only income for Gweicz is voluntary contributions from the community and this limits us a lot, we would like to print t-shirts, stickers, organize conferences without the participation of VC funds and other entities that significantly contribute to centralization and much more


I would love to find a solution, whether it be delegating ETH to the Bohemian DAO treasury ( once the BohemianDAO will be reconstruct ) which runs on the Moloch system so you would have the ability to rage quit at any time
Or periodic donations,…

Let’s discuss what we can bring to each other!


Seems good! I’ve coordinated some events in Rio de Janeiro with major Blockchains and web3 projects. If you need any help or coordination from Brazil, let me know!

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Besides the fact that we would like to run Mantle node we have other nodes like Ethereum L1 and IPFS nodes

Gweicz has a goal to create an Ethereum infrastructure for the Czech Republic besides organizing conferences/hackathons

Since there is already a discussion about ETH stacking directly from BitDAO, I think that delegating ETH to BohemianDAO is not necessary.

What I am proposing:
A one-time payroll for half a year of funding worth 3 ETH ( 5200$ ) to BohemianDAO or Gweicz multisig

  • Run Mantle Rollup Verifier node
  • Support the ETHBrno hackathon ( Mantle will be included as a sponsor )
  • Hackathon bounties on ETHBrno of your choice worth 1000$ ( I propose a contract that would allow Mantle to put stETH into a contract that would direct the rewards to the selected adress )
  • Speaker slot on ETHBrno for Mantle ( speaker can also be remote )
  • “How to build Mantle node” video
  • Mantle will be listed on the Gweicz website as a partner
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When it comes to organizing events, Gweicz usually does it for free, we only pay the expenses
Anyway, thx for contact <3

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