[SUGGESTION] Regional Communities

With the importance of Regional communities to blockchain projects, and how they work fast in spreading community and marketing awareness, I would like to ask if there are any plans in launching Regional Hubs or any of such related communities.

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Nice question considering how important the community is to any project


I will like to know more answers on the question

Hi @Igboze, thanks for the question.

We’re already kicking off four regional hubs with official accounts focused on pushing announcements and building community in the following regions.
RU - https://twitter.com/0xMantleru
TR - https://twitter.com/0xMantletr
CN - https://twitter.com/0xMantlecn
JP - https://twitter.com/0xMantlejp

We’re excited to continue growing the community in partnership with passionate community members from across Mantle’s Ecosystem, Products, and Governance.

Stay tuned for more details! In the meantime, join the community channels for regional discussions:

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I’m piggybacking on the question…

Time for MantleNIGERIA :nigeria:

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We have a Nigeria channel on Discord, and soon Telegram :partying_face:


Thank you for this!
And all Nigerians in web3 are all looking forward to the mantle launch this month

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I am glad we have these and looking forward for more.

Thanks, thanks

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